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Russian Solitaire

Why is Russian Solitaire one of our most popular games?  I have always wondered that myself.  It’s a really hard game!  But, amazingly, Russian is 3rd in popularity after Klondike and Free Cell in our Solitaire Free Pack.


Similar to Yukon (one of my favorites), the difference is that in Russian, the tableau builds down in same suit, so a 4♣ can only go ontoa 5♣, as shown here:


Now the 5♣ can move to the 6♣, freeing the Ace ♥ to go to the foundation.  This is an action-packed hand of Russian.  Sometimes, you deal a hand and there are only one or two possible moves to make!


Now I’ll move the 7♣ over to the 8♣ so the 10♠ can move to the J♠, allowing me to flip a tableau card.


Moving the Q♠ onto the K♠ will open up the 10♣.  That will allow me to organize that run of clubs like this:


Now I can move the J♠ onto the Q♠ for another easy flip of a tableau card.


Now let’s look at the hand.  We want to make useful moves – the kind that will get cards over to the foundations or that will flip tableau cards.

Going from left to right on the tableau, the 10♦ can easily be moved to the J♦, but then we will need to decide which King to move to the empty tableau column.  Moving on for the moment, the 4♦ (in the second tableau column) can only be moved to the 5♦, but the 5♦ is not available, so let’s move on.  The 5♥ (third column) can only move to the 6♥, which is not available.  The 10♥ would move to the J♥, which is also not available.  The Q♥ would move to the K♥.  The K♥ is blocked by the 2♣ but the 2♣ can move over to the 3♣, so that is an easy move to make.

There is the strategy I use to find good moves in Russian, and in the similar games of Yukon, Chinese and Alaska.  Even though Yukon is a more well-known game, Russian has surpassed it in popularity, at least in our Solitaire Free Pack, available in the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.  Maybe people enjoy the challenge.  Or maybe it’s the way the game gets more exciting as it goes along.  As you flip the tableau cards, more and more potential moves become available.  So I guess there are a lot of things to like about the game.  But I still prefer Yukon :)


Check out this video to see a game of Russian Solitaire played through to the end on our app:



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