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Tesseract Mobile History

Tesseract Mobile is a software development firm that creates apps and games for Android phones and tablets. They also develop apps for wearable devices including Google Glass and the Sony Smartwatch.

Joshua Frank and Laura Ockel founded the company in early 2009. Combining Josh’s programming expertise with Laura’s design skills, they released their first game, Montana Solitaire, in April of 2009.

In October of 2009 (just before the first Droid phone came out) they released the Solitaire MegaPack with 25 different solitaire games. Today the MegaPack includes more than 200 games with new games added all the time. It is still the top paid solitaire game in the Google Play Store.

The Solitaire Free Pack, a free alternative to the MegaPack, has been featured by Google Play 25 times and has gotten over 3 million downloads worldwide. With more games and features added regularly, these are considered the best solitaire collections available.


 Tesseract Mobile Games


Tesseract Mobile Team Members







Tesseract Mobile Game Screenshots

Solitaire Free Pack 


Gin Rummy

gin rummy2Gin Rummy7Gin Rummy4Gin Rummy5Gin Rummy3Gin Rummy8

Poker Square


Blackjack for SmartWatch

BJ watch1BJ watch3BJ watch4BJ watch5BJ watch6

Speed Card Free



Tesseract Mobile Logos

tesseract color option violet aquaTemplate TessAvatar 

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