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How many ways can you play solitaire?

More than you ever imagined!  The classic and most popular version of solitaire is called Klondike, though you may know it as Patience or Windows Solitaire.  If that’s your game, we know it better than anyone else!  Single deck, double or triple deck, draw 1 or draw 3, Vegas scoring, plus many more – find them all under the “Klondike” category!

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Our solitaire is the best on the market, designed with the player in mind for a seamless gaming experience.  Our beautiful high-definition graphics look great on every phone, tablet, phablet AND the *Sony Smartwatch! Games are laid out so the cards you use most will be easy to reach with your thumb or index finger.  Plus many ways to customize your game:

More backgrounds and card backs than anyone else!  Design your perfect look in our Appearance screen.

Appearance Screen Tesseract Mobile Solitaire

In-game Toolbar for easy access to Hints, Undo & more!  Drag the toolbar to move it or Hide to compress it.

Hints Tesseract Mobile MEGA PACK

Flip the card layout with Mirror Mode to play comfortably with either hand.

All games in Portrait and Landscape.

So sure, our solitaire game is the best, but we have a lot more than just Klondike Solitaire! We have dozens of solitiare varieties including games like FreeCell, Golf, Spider, 3 Towers, Canfield, TriPeaks, Clock and Pyramid. We also have rare and unusual games like Poker Square, Bowling, King’s Corner, Grandma’s Game, Picture Gallery, Accordion, and many more – great games that our customers requested because they can’t be found anywhere else!Screenshot_2014-12-10-14-29-47

It’s easy to find new games you’ll love because you can sort by Category, Difficulty, Skill and more.  Mark your favorites by tapping the heart beside the Name and the game will appear in the Favorites list!

Favorites Tesseract Mobile MEGAPACK

And we have all the features you could ask for!

Intuitive Auto Play
Cool Stats like Fewest Winning Moves and Longest Win Streak
In-game Hints – tap the (?) button
Expandable piles
VERY Customizable
Improved battery life
Smoother game play
Utilizes the Galaxy Note Multi-window (beta)
Ad Free!

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These are some of the games included in our solitaire collection. Some are just right for a quick break, others are perfect for a relaxing, solitary afternoon.
 Aces & Kings
 Aces Up
 Agnes Bernauer
 Algerian Solitaire
 American Toad
 Australian Patience
 Bakers Dozen
 Bakers Game
♣ Baroness
 Beleaguered Castle
 Black Widow
♦ Blind Alleys
 Box Kite
♠ Canfield – Demon
 Casino Klondike 1 (Vegas Solitaire)
 Chinese Solitaire
♠ Cruel
♥ Decade
♦ Double Canfield
 Double Free Cell
 Double Klondike
 Double Scorpion
 Double Wasp
 Eagle Wing
♣ Eight Off
 Forty Thieves
♥ Forty and Eight
 Four Corners
 FreeCell Solitaire
♣ Golf Solitaire
 Grandmas Game
♥ Josephine
♣ Kings Corner
 Klondike – Solitaire (Classic Draw-3)
 Klondike One (Draw-1, 1 pass through the deck)
 Klondike 1 Unlimited (Draw-1, unlimited passes)
 La Belle Lucie
♦ Lady of the Manor
 Miss Milligan
♥ Monaco
 Montana – Addiction
 Monte Carlo
♥ Osmosis – Treasure Trove
♠ Picture Gallery
 Poker Square
 Pyramid Solitaire
♦ Royal Cotillion
♠ Royal Marriage
♥ Russian Solitaire
♦ Seahaven Towers
 Seven Queens (7 Sisters)
♣ Speed Solitaire
 Spider Solitaire (4 Suits)
 Spider 1 Suit
 Spider 2 Suits
 St. Helena
♥ Sultan
 Super Flower Garden
 Tabby Cat
 Take 2
♣ Tarantula
♦ Terrace – Queen of Italy
♠ Three Shuffles and a Draw
 Three Towers
 Tri Peaks
 Vanishing Cross – Four Seasons
♠ Whitehead

*Now you can play solitaire on the Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2! We tailored our Klondike game especially for the Smartwatch, so gameplay is fun and easy. Witness as the classic game of cards meets the future of technology, and you will be impressed!

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