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Gin Rummy

The ever-popular card game comes to


Play Gin Rummy against the computer. 5 different computer opponents to choose from, each with their own playing styles and individual strategies. Optimized for various screen sizes so it’s fun and easy to play.

– Easy options to sort your cards. Tap the Sort Hand button to sort by Rank, Suit or Meld or you can drag and drop the cards to sort them. Tap “Sort by” to change the sorting method. Auto will sort new cards into your hand automatically.

– 5 Unique Opponents to choose from.

Gin Rummy5

– Play individual matches against your opponents or play a tournament to match your skills against each opponent in turn. See “Game Type” in the Options menu.

– Options for Sound, Deadwood count and more!

– Statistics to track your wins, scores, hand results and more. Filter by opponent and/or by date!

Gin Rummy8

– Pick up an accidental discard if opponent has not acted yet.

– Rating system so you can measure your skills and track your progress.

Phone screenshot 2

– Strategy section in Help.

– Smooth gameplay.

– Hours of entertainment!

Gin Rummy is a terrific game that you’re sure to enjoy.

** If your device uses the Android 1.5 operating system, you may experience problems with the game freezing or closing. Please email support@tesseraction.com if this occurs.**

Click here for FAQs about Gin Rummy!

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